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Personal Loans

Personal Loans are loans without collateral, meaning they are not tied to personal property. Unlike with a traditional secured loan, if a borrower defaults on a personal loan then the creditor will not seize an automobile, home or other personal property as payment.

- Duration: 3 months to 5 years

- Amount: $500 to $15,000 (An eligible co-signer/co-maker is required for all loans greaterthan $10,000)

- Defer payments for up to 6 months

- Interest rates (APR) starting at 9.59%*

- No prepayment penalty

*Interest rates as of 01/09/24. Interest rates are subject to change.

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Auto Loans

The SFCU is proud to announce the launch of its Auto Loan Program. We can help you finance the purchase of a vehicle in the United States. To apply, use our online Auto Loan Application or stop by our office to fill out an application today!

- Duration: 12 months to 84 months

- Amount: Up to 120% of the automobile’s NADA value ($1,000 minimum up to $45,000)*

- Interest rates (APR) starting at 6.09%**

- Financing for new and used automobiles in all 50 states

- No prepayment penalty

- Only a $15 application fee (waived when refinancing an existing loan)

*Financing maximums are subject to change depending on credit score.

**Interest rates as of 01/09/24. Interest rates are subject to change.

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Student Loans

Need a student loan? SFCU has partnered with Sallie Mae to help you reach your educational goals at affordable rates.

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